International Tender for Universiade i-Park Landscape Planning and Design is now open for pre-qualification application. Design teams from all over the world are welcomed to participate in this international tender!

The tenderee of this tender is Bureau of Public Works of Longgang District, Shenzhen, and the co-organizer is Position Architecture Co., Ltd, Shenzhen.

The tender schedule, requirements of the Concept Proposal for the pre-qualification phase and other information have been released in this tender announcement. Please visit the homepage to download the Design Brief, the Pre-qualification Document, etc. The Tender Information Session (Online) will be held on October 31, 16:30-17:30. If interested, please check out how to participate in the article below.

项目背景Project Background

Universiade i-Park, located in the core area of Shenzhen's Longgang District, which is structured with "one core, two sub-cores and multiple fulcrums". It is also part of the central cluster in Universiade Shenzhen-Hong Kong International Science and Education City. At present, the construction of educational, cultural and sports facilities around the park is gradually underway. However, the existing facilities of the site cannot meet the development needs of the area.

The completion of Universiade i-Park will help enhance the attraction of the Universiade Shenzhen-Hong Kong International Science and Education City to international talents. It will promote the integration of diverse cultures, and connect with the ecological corridors and surrounding functional areas. The concepts of low carbon, intelligence, ecology, vitality and inclusiveness will be embedded in the construction of Universiade i-Park, so as to build a distinctive brand, and present a new look of Longgang.


△ 城市区位图 ©有方
△ City Location ©POSITION

项目定位Project Positioning

Universiade i-Park will be built into a city park integrating leisure, culture, landscape, artistry, ecology and innovation. In order to realize the connection with the surrounding natural resources and urban space, the park will take "intelligence + ecology" as the theme to carry out the improvement of functional facilities and greenway system, ecological restoration, improvement of the landscape, etc. The park will be integrated and linked with the surrounding functional areas of education, sports, arts, finance and residence. It is to be built into a model of international intelligent park.

The following key points are advocated in the design:

1. 增强公园可达性,实现城市与生态的空间融合。
Enhance accessibility of the park and integrate urban space and nature.

2. 从景观、交通、运营等多维度嵌入智慧低碳理念,打造生态智慧公园。
Embed intelligent and low-carbon concepts from landscape design, transportation, operation and other aspects, to create an intelligent ecological park.

3. 尊重山水自然基底,注重生态修复。
Respect the natural base of mountains and waters, and ecological restoration should be emphasized.

4. 因地制宜地提出景观提升策略,完善公园配套服务设施。
Propose landscape improvement strategies according to local conditions, improve supporting services and facilities of the park.

5. 充分挖掘景观资源,在制高点打造城市观景台,塑造龙岗区公园品牌。
Fully make use of the landscape resources, build a city viewing platform at the highest place, and shape the brand of Longgang parks.

场地视频 @有方
Site Video @Position

项目概况Project Overview

The total site area of this tender project is about 101 hectares, including 3 plots.


△ 项目区位图 ©有方
Project Location ©POSITION

Universiade i-Park is located in the central cluster of Universiade Shenzhen-Hong Kong International Science and Education City, with Shenzhen Universiade Center and Shenzhen-Hong Kong International Center on the east, Tusincere Tech Park on the north, and International University Park on the west and south, including Shenzhen Conservatory of Music, CUHK-Shenzhen, CUHK-Shenzhen School of Medicine, Shenzhen MSU-BIT University and many other institutions of higher education. The park has an excellent natural ecological base. It is connected to the large green corridor of Longgang Qingpingjing-Pingdi Urban Greenway, adjacent to Shenxianling Reservoir and Longkou Reservoir.


△ 周边用地及重要设施示意图 ©有方
Diagram of Land Use and Important Utilities ©POSITION

Yanlong Avenue passes between Plot 01 and Plot 02. Wuhan-Shenzhen Expressway passes over between Plot 02 and Plot 03. The current site has low accessibility, poor internal road circulation and weak external connections. The current condition of the park lacks landscape focal points. The viewing pavilion on the hilltop has limited functions. The landscape resources are not fully made use of as well.


△ 交通条件示意图 ©有方
Diagram of Transportation Conditions ©POSITION


△ 01地块用地示意图 ©有方
Site Diagram of Plot 01 ©POSITION


△ 02地块与03地块用地示意图 ©有方
Site Diagram of Plot 02 and Plot 03 ©POSITION


△ 山顶观景亭现状 ©有方
Site Diagram of Plot 01 ©POSITION


△ 神仙岭水库现状 ©有方
Current Condition of Shenxianling Reservoir ©POSITION

Click the image below to check the panorama of the site.

招标方式Tender Procedure

The project adopts the method of "open call", which includes 3 phases: pre-qualification, design competition and final evaluation. The compensation is set for the shortlisted bidders that fail to win the bid.


Phase I: Pre-qualification Phase

The first phase adopts the method of “open review”. The Concept Proposal shall be the major reference for the evaluation. The tenderee will organize Pre-qualification Review Committee according to relevant laws. The Committee shall conduct a detailed review with full discussion to evaluate the Concept Proposal (major) and Company Profile and Credit Files (secondary) of the applicants. The Committee will vote by open ballot round by round to determine 5 shortlisted bidders (without ranking) and 2 alternatives (with ranking).

Phase II: Design Competition Phase

The second phase adopts the method of “open review”. The project leader or chief designer shall conduct a presentation during the Scheme Review Meeting. The tenderee will organize Scheme Review Committee according to relevant laws. The Committee shall conduct a detailed review with full discussion to evaluate the design works submitted by the shortlisted bidders. The Scheme Review Committee will vote by open ballot round by round to determine 3 finalists (without ranking). The remaining 2 shortlisted bidders ill receive the Shortlisted Awards.

Phase III: Final Evaluation Phase

The Final Evaluation Committee will be organized by the tenderee according to relevant laws. The Committee shall determine 1 winner and the ranking of the 2nd and the 3rd from the 3 finalists (without ranking) which recommended by the Scheme Review Committee. The winner shall be awarded the design contract; the 2nd place will receive the Excellence Award; and the 3rd place will receive the Shortlisted Award.

资格预审阶段概念提案Concept Proposal for the Pre-qualification Phase

The Concept Proposal should be based on the interpretation of positioning, background, design content, etc. in the Design Brief, consider the site features and project requirements, implement the regulatory planning, and put forward the preliminary concept of the concept design. The written expression should be normative, accurate and clear in meaning. The contents shall include (but not limited to):

1. 提案名称;
Proposal name;
2. 总体概念及设计说明;
Overall concept and design statement;
3. 总体规划及平面布局草图;
Overall planning strategy and layout;
4. 总体意向表现图;
Overall conceptual drawings;
5. 城市看台概念草案(概念意向表现图);
Concept design of the city viewing platform (conceptual drawings);
6. 能够体现设计特点的其他内容。
Other contents expressing the characteristics of the proposal.

The content and the detailing level of the Concept Proposal are not limited. The Concept Proposal should emphasize the understanding of the key issues of the project, propose a design strategy that responds to the site and express an original design concept. Overdone commercial rendering and display are not recommended.

The package of Pre-qualification Application Documents should include both paper and electronic documents of the Concept Proposal booklet, presentation boards and Company Profile and Credit Files. For specification, quantity, compiling requirements and submitting methods, please refer to the Pre-qualification Document.

招标内容Tender Scope

The tender scope is the all-phase design of Universiade i-Park, including overall schematic design, design development, construction documents design and the compilation of as-built drawings.

The work content in the contract includes design works of all disciplines (such as road engineering, bridge engineering, tunnel engineering, municipal pipeline engineering, traffic facilities and monitoring engineering, landscape engineering, fire protection engineering, landscape gardening, electricity infrastructure relocation engineering, telecommunication infrastructure relocation engineering, etc.) of Universiade i-Park. The design works include the overall schematic design (including budget estimation), design development (including budget preparation), construction documents design (including construction and technical documents, construction drawings and instructions), assistance with construction approval procedure, assistance with compilation of feasibility study documents, on-site construction supervision, the compilation of as-built drawings, assistance with completion acceptance and evaluation, etc.

The detailed work content is subject to the design contract.

设计费及补偿费Design Fee and Compensation

The tentative contract design fee is RMB 8518000 (tax inclusive).

Shortlisted bidders that fail to win the bid will receive corresponding compensation if their design works are approved by the Scheme Review Committee as meeting the design requirements of this tender. The awards and compensation (tax inclusive) are set as below:


报名条件Application Requirements

1. 投标申请人须是国内外合法注册的独立法人企业或机构,不接受个人或个人组合的报名。
The bidding applicant must be domestic or overseas entities with legal business registration. Individual or team of individuals will not be accepted.

2. 本项目接受联合体申请人(以下简称“联合体”)投标,联合体须符合以下要求:
Consortium bidder (hereinafter referred to as the consortium) is permitted, and the consortium should meet the following requirements:

One consortium shall include no more than 3 members (including the leading member);

The leading member should be the landscape design team;

Each member of the consortium shall not apply for pre-qualification alone or participate in another consortium, otherwise all relevant pre-qualification applications will be invalid;

Each member of the consortium shall sign a Consortium Agreement according to the format provided in the Pre-qualification Document, and clarify the division of workload and equity share of the leading member and the others.

3. 投标申请人须具备中华人民共和国住房和城乡建设部颁发的风景园林工程设计专项甲级资质或工程设计综合甲级资质。对于联合体申请人,须至少一个成员单位满足以上资质要求。
The applicant must have a Class-A Qualification Certificate for Landscape Architecture Engineering Design or Comprehensive Class-A Qualification Certificate for Engineering Design issued by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the PRC. For a consortium, at least one of the members must meet the above requirement on the qualification.

4. 法定代表人为同一个人的两个及两个以上法人企业或机构,母公司及其全资子公司,相互有控股关系的不同公司,不得作为不同的投标申请人同时提出资格预审申请。
Two or more legal person enterprises or institutions whose legal representative is the same person, the parent company and its wholly-owned subsidiaries, and different companies that have a shareholding relationship with each other, shall not apply for Pre-qualification as different bidders at the same time.

5. 投标申请人(联合体)须在报名材料中指定1名项目负责人和1名主创设计师,项目负责人可兼任主创设计师,项目负责人/主创设计师必须真正负责并全程参与本项目。
The applicant (or consortium) must designate 1 project leader and 1 chief designer in the Pre-qualification Application Documents. The project leader can also serve as the chief designer. The project leader/ chief designer must be truly responsible for and participate in the whole project.


The tender schedule is as below and might be adjusted according to the situation of epidemic prevention and control.


资格预审结果Pre-qualification Results




入围投标申请人 / 无排序
备选申请人 / 有排序






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Position Architecture Co., Ltd, Shenzhen

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